How To Make Your Heart’s Desires Come True

Psalm 37:4

Have you been hooked by those articles that promise effortless way to realize your dreams? Sorry to disappoint you but there really is no easy way to have your heart’s desires come true. In fact, I’d like to warn you that if you happen to have your dreams come true easily, you have to be wary.

Especially, if your dream is more for your personal happiness and glory. Especially, if it seems like the world is conspiring to give you the desires of your heart which are rather selfish in nature. And most especially, if you didn’t include God’s participation.

I just have this suspicion that it’s the devil that facilitates the realization of someone’s selfish dreams. Remember the temptation of Jesus? When He was taken by the devil to a very high mountain and was shown all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them? The devil told Jesus that He would have all those if He would worship the devil. Jesus answered the devil this way:

Begone, Satan! for it is written,

‘You shall worship the Lord your God

and Him only shall you serve.’”

My view is that desiring wealth and fame for one’s own glory is like preferring to worship Satan. Satan is so sly. He would give you your desires for wealth and fame just to distract you from worshipping God. It would be hard indeed for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God!

I used to desire a bit of wealth and fame. I used to wonder at those wealthy and famous people. Are they really happy? Are they really making God happy with their success? How can I also be as wealthy?

And I came across this beautiful verse.

Take delight in the Lord,

and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4 RSVCE

So, there is an easy way after all! You just have to take delight in the Lord!

To take delight in the Lord is to find happiness in the Lord! It is relying on Him for everything you need in your life. It is surrendering yourself to Him. It is truly loving and trusting Him.

Does it still look easy to take delight in the Lord? It would only be easy if you have strong faith in Him. But most of us just have ordinary faith. Some have little faith. It’s hard to really trust in God when your experiences in the past have been mostly negative. Doubts easily come in.

More often, we take more delight in worldly things like new clothes, new pair of shoes, new car, gourmet food, expensive travel trips and vacations, etc. We’d rather be spending our time having fun with our friends than spending quiet time with God.

It’s not easy after all to have your heart’s desires. It’s not easy to take delight in the Lord. You need to work on your faith. It takes a lot of work.

As you work on your faith, you will find that your heart’s desires are changing. You will be desiring less of the worldly things. In time, wealth and fame are not so attractive anymore. You will be more interested in pleasing God. You will want to know His plans for you and make them happen. You will desire to serve your purpose for His glory.

Now that your heart’s desires are in agreement with God’s will, why wouldn’t He give you the desires of your heart?


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