Do This To Avoid Gluttony

Do this to avoid gluttony

We all enjoy good food and at times we can’t help but overindulge. But beware. Overindulgence in food leads to one of the seven deadly sins, gluttony. And you don’t want to be a glutton and be guilty of a deadly sin.

Avoid gluttony by heeding this quote from St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina:

Never rise from the table without having given due thanks to the Lord. If we act in this way, we need have no fear of the wretched sin of gluttony.

I love eating. I sometimes overeat, too, though very rarely. I would sometimes overindulge in ice cream. I can finish a half-gallon in one sitting. I would need to heed the quote of St. Padre Pio so I would not be tempted to overindulge in food often and be guilty of gluttony.

Praying before and after meals makes eating like eating in the presence of a king, our God. Would you not behave well when you eat in the presence of the King?

When we pray to ask blessings for the food we are about to eat, we are asking God’s grace and being given the grace, we are protected from committing the sin related to abuse of food which is gluttony.

Giving due thanks to the Lord after every meal will always remind us that eating is an activity with God and with God we are sure to be saved from the sin of gluttony.

Avoiding the sin of gluttony is for our own good. All the laws of God are for our own good. When we avoid gluttony, we avoid harming our health and with good health, we can serve others and give glory to God.

Let us live healthy. Let us avoid gluttony by always giving thanks to the Lord for the food He provides us.


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