The Message of Sunrise

The Message of Sunrise

‘The message of sunrise is that God loves you.’

How beautiful a sunrise is! Sunrise is a symbol of hope. It is God’s way of telling us that He loves us so he’s given us another chance – a chance to right a wrong, to do better, to heal, to forgive and thus serve Him.

If you’re feeling sorry for yourself for the many mistakes you’ve done in the past, be glad for the sunrise. It brings you the message that God is giving you the chance to correct those mistakes. Correcting your mistakes would make your today easier to deal with. If the mistakes cannot be undone, use them as guides for a better today.

If you are tired of the life you have, be grateful for the sunrise. It’s sending you God’s message that you still have the time to improve your life. Don’t wish for the circumstances to be different but change yourself for the better instead. That is the only way you can change your life for the better. Discern His plans for you and learn the skills you need.

If you’re hurting, welcome the sunrise. It bears God’s message of hope for healing. Turn to Jesus for healing. He is the Great Physician.

Sunrise conveys God’s message that you still have time to forgive and be forgiven. Forgive yourself. Forgive them who wronged you. Forgiveness is the key to real healing and peace. That’s the reason why we need to forgive seventy times seven times. When we don’t forgive, we are only harming ourselves and not so much the other person. Forgiving doesn’t mean condoning. It just means letting go of the desire to get even and releasing the pain so you can start healing.

Sunrise carries God’s reminder that there is no room for that regret in your life because you can still do something about it today. The situation may not be the same. Some people may not be there anymore. But you can still change the way you look at life today and it will make a lot of difference.

Sunrise delivers God’s message that you can achieve more. Act now. Let love be the reason for your every action. Succeed for God’s glory!

Just witnessing a beautiful sunrise should already give you the inspiration to go on in life. So, if you can, take time to watch a sunrise.

Receive the message of sunrise with hope and joy in your heart. And remember that as long as there is a sunrise, as long as you are given another day, it only means one thing. It is not yet too late! Now, don’t waste that time. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Thank God for His message of hope, for giving you another chance.


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