Secrets to Long Healthy Life

Secrets to Long Healthy Life

My father is 81 and still plays tennis.

One of his tennis buddies who is about 30 years younger remarked to my brother that my father doesn’t seem to get tired. He (the tennis buddy) is already tired playing and yet my father continues to play.

If you want to enjoy long and healthy life like my father, read on to find out his secrets to long healthy life.

My father is a retired military officer. I believe that his having been in the military has a lot to do with why he’s still healthy and strong despite old age. He developed some of his healthy habits while in the military. He is a disciplined man. He knows what is good for him and he does it. He practices temperance in general.

I remember when I was just a kid, I heard my father told my mom not to use msg in cooking. He is so against chemicals in the food. He’s not fond of processed foods and would rather have fruits and vegetables. He also prefers fish to red meat and steamed or boiled food to fried.

One thing that I really find remarkable about my father is that he can easily fall asleep. He sleeps well. I think the moment his back hits the bed he’d fall asleep. Me, I have to wait about 30 minutes before I fall asleep. And sometimes longer.

When we were younger, he would get mad from time to time because of our mistakes. But he’s not one who holds a grudge. Nowadays, I seldom see him get mad.

Unfortunately, my father is not free from vices. He smokes and drinks beer. But he can control his smoking and drinking. He stopped smoking when my Mom asked him to. And then when my Mom passed away, he went back to smoking. He has set times for smoking and it’s not 24/7. At times, he overdrinks when with his tennis buddies, about once or twice a month.

Despite his smoking and drinking (overdrinking at times), he seldom gets sick. I wonder why. Maybe, the bad effects of smoking and overdrinking are countered by his healthy habits.

I guess it’s also because he is never stressed. I don’t remember seeing him worry so much about something. He certainly practices Matthew 16:34 Do not be anxious about tomorrow and believes Matthew 6:27 And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life?

That’s why he can fall asleep easily!

And he always moves or does something physical. He is also always out in the morning sun. He tends his ‘garden’ everyday. He grows some plants and trees. He is up every 4:00 am to walk a few miles everyday.

So, if you want to live long and healthy just like my father, do his secrets to long healthy life:

  1. Be disciplined. Practice temperance.
  2. Eat healthy. Avoid processed foods. Eat fruits and vegetables instead.
  3. Sleep well. Get enough sleep every day, around 7 hours a day.
  4. Don’t hold a grudge. Express your anger harmlessly and get it out of you completely.
  5. Don’t worry. Be happy. Trust in God.
  6. Move. Exercise. Do house chores. Tend your garden.
  7. Go out in the sun. Preferably, in the morning.

My father lives a simple life. At his age, he’s seen so much of life in this world. But even when younger, he was not attracted to material wealth. He is never choosy of things. When he has extra, he gives away. He helps the needy when he can. I believe these traits of him contribute to his having no worries in life.

I’m really inspired to follow my father’s healthy ways and live long. I believe I inherited my being disciplined from him. I wish I could easily fall asleep just like he does.

As for having no worries, I just learned through experience recently the best secret to having no worries or stress in life. It totally transformed my life. It taught me how to forgive by default. I now almost never get angry. I’m generally much happier enjoying good health and richer relationships.

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