Let Go and Let God

Let Go and Let God

When you’re feeling overwhelmed in life, take a deep breath, let go and let God.

Your problems will not go away. But they will be lighter to bear because there’s Someone carrying them with you.

To let go and let God is simply to obey God, trusting that He knows the best for you. It is denying yourself, letting go of your own desires and letting that of God’s prevail instead that it may be well with you.

Isn’t that what we’re really supposed to do in life – to obey God? Yet there are some who think that they are free to do what they want here on earth without any consequences.

Imagine the world where everyone is free to do as he pleases. It won’t really make a nice picture.

When you join a membership, you need to follow its rules and regulations otherwise you will be suspended or expelled. When you want to live in a certain village, you need to abide by the association’s rules so you will fully enjoy your privileges. Each country’s governing body imposes rules and regulations to its citizens, residents or visitors and anyone who violates the rules is penalized.

Whoever created the world and us should have a say on what to do here. Not one of us is the creator of the world. And yet we feel so entitled to make our own rules in life, as if we own our lives, as if we can live forever if we want to.

But we all know that our lives can be easily taken away from us anytime. Let that be a reminder that we don’t own our lives and we don’t own the world.

The right thing to do is know our Creator God’s laws and obey them. And if we need to make our own personal rules for guidance, they should be in alignment with God’s laws: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37 & 39

Do you love your neighbor as yourself? Most of our actions indicate we love ourselves more than our neighbors. In fact, it’s rare to see people loving others more than themselves. It’s inspiring to see mothers and fathers who love their children more than themselves.

And far too many love themselves more than God.

Our natural inclination to sin makes us follow our own personal and sometimes selfish desires instead of obeying God. We are easily enticed by the sparkles of material wealth, luxury and fame.

In our love and pursuit of these material things, we insist on what we want. We become almost obsessed. We cannot let go. We sometimes try to control others. And these make our lives so stressful – when we hold on and cannot let go, when we try to control and change others, instead of allowing God to shape and change us.

To let go and let God is to be unattached to someone or something, except God. We can love without being attached. Our attachment to certain people or things of earth makes life difficult. Often, our happiness is dependent on those people and things and so we fight so hard to always have them in our lives. We get so stressed out in keeping them in our lives. And when they are taken away from us, we suffer so much. Let our happiness be only in God, in making others happy for that will make God happy.

To let go and let God is to allow things to take place as God arranged them and do what is required every time, that is, change yourself instead of others.

It is stopping to help someone in need even if you know you will be late for work. That person was placed there for you to help. Perhaps, the Lord wants you to slow down a bit and not be so stressed out. Maybe, it’s God’s way of making you see life from another perspective.

To let go and let God is to respect your parents who are against your relationship with someone. Perhaps, you really need to examine things well. Or you need to heal yourself first before getting into a relationship.

To let go and let God is not about letting yourself be tossed and turned like driftwood in the sea. It is following the Author of life who knows what you need in every moment.

When you make plans for the future, be open to some unexpected events that may seem to counter your plans. Maybe, you are being led to a better place.

Don’t be annoyed by interruptions in your daily schedule. Welcome them as respites from your ‘stressful’ workloads. For all you know, through those interruptions, you will have the answers to your prayers.

To let go and let God is really easy to do when you know the truth of life – that your life is best lived when lived for God.


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