Carry Your Cross With Joy

Carry Your Cross With Joy

As a Christian, you are to carry your cross. But do you carry your cross with joy?

Carrying your cross with joy is easy if you know the truth.

Let the following Bible verses help you know the truth and inspire you to carry your cross with joy:

“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.” Romans 5:3-4 RSVCE

“Blessed is the man who endures trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life which God has promised to those who love Him. “ James 1:12 RSVCE

Rejoice in carrying your cross to strengthen your hope that will keep you up and help you finish the race successfully.

You only have to look at our Lord Jesus Christ and you will be completely consoled when carrying your cross. Christ carried His cross and died. But rose again. So would you.

Carrying your cross would lead to ‘death’ of your sinful self but after that, a new and more beautiful you will emerge – worthy of God’s eternal reward.

Know that life’s difficulties are God’s ways of bringing out the diamond in you so you will sparkle, so you will become His masterpiece.

Treat life’s adversities as blessings in disguise. Look for the gift of transformation in each life struggle. Just imagine how beautiful you will be after the process and you will feel grateful. With this attitude, you will always see beauty in life no matter what circumstances you are in.

Don’t despise the difficult people you encounter along life’s way, especially at work. Often, we see them as villains in our lives, the causes of our many sufferings. How we wish they were out of our lives!

The best thing to do is to see these difficult people as challenges for your own good. Instead of trying to change them or wishing them out of your life, you need to look at yourself and see what you can improve on. The key is to change yourself and not the other person or the situation.

To carry your cross with joy is to choose to enter through the narrow gate. It is to be willing to take the difficult but right path. It does not resort to short cuts.

Never ever resort to short cuts in your job or business. It will backfire terribly. Be willing to go through the difficult long processes. Be willing to carry your cross with joy knowing that you are doing a great service to others. You will also be learning a lot along the way. Short cuts often lead to incomplete jobs which most of the times bring loss of income, property and even lives.

These days, people look for instant solutions to their problems. They don’t want to go through any difficult processes. They don’t want to carry their crosses.

When they don’t want to get pregnant, they resort to birth control pills instead of making the sacrifice of abstaining from the act that will get them pregnant. They don’t know that those pills that interfere with the body’s natural rhythm are very dangerous to health.

When they get pregnant and are not ready, they resort to abortion, claiming they have the right to do whatever they want to their body, completely ignoring the rights of the baby. They claim that a fetus growing in a woman’s body is not yet a human being and therefore has no human rights yet. They don’t want to consider that perhaps their having the baby will push them to grow into better individuals.

When things are not well in their marriage, they opt for the easy way out like divorce and marry another one. They are not willing to make the sacrifice of making things right and fixing the marriage. They already concluded that there is no more hope for the marriage without even trying to save it. They gave up too easily.

When they feel something different about themselves, like their sexual preferences, instead of taking it as a challenge and conquering it, they take the easy way. They refuse to see the truth. They come up with their own ‘truth’. They don’t want to even give it a thought that perhaps they were given that challenge because God knows they are specially strong to conquer the challenge. God is counting on them to conquer the challenge. But they refuse to be strong and they just easily give in to the desires of the flesh.

These people don’t want to carry their crosses, much less with joy. They hold on to their ‘truth’ because it is more convenient. They believe the lie that they are here on earth to be happy for themselves.

Do not be like them. Learn the truth that you are here to deny yourself and obey God, not to be happy for yourself. Knowing that, you should be willing to carry your cross with joy for that will please God who will then grant you His eternal reward.


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