The Winner’s Path

The Winner's Path

The winner’s path is the path of love.

The path of love is the way of peace. Some call it the narrow path or the higher road which is not usually taken by many. I call it the winner’s path, the path to a healthier and happier life.

Taking the path of love means consciously choosing an action that leads to a situation where everyone is respected.

It is staying calm instead of reacting with anger in situations where one would usually flare up in anger.

It is withholding an ugly response to an insult or better yet, having no urge at all to respond.

It is suspending a judgment on others or better still, having no judgment at all.

It is understanding the mistakes of others and helping to correct them, if possible.

Yes, it is turning the other cheek. And no, it’s not being a loser or a doormat. It just means that you understand life.

You believe that everything can be done in a peaceful way. You learn the lesson in every situation and find the gift in each conflict. You know that taking the path of love is always the winner’s path because you don’t gain enemies and chances are, you increase your friends.

Never mind that sometimes, some will think you’re a coward. Never mind that they will say you’re not smart. You know their words are not true because you know yourself better than they do.

Getting angry is the usual reaction of most people in situations that are not so nice for them. While letting your anger out is better than repressing them, there is always a better way than shouting and lashing out at people. And usually, anger leads to violence, to doing things you would regret later.

And if you were aware of what happens to your body when you are angry, that it affects your health negatively, you would want to manage your anger effectively. You would want to take a path that serves you well, a path that leads to peace, a path where everyone wins.

The winner’s path may not be easy. But know that when you choose the path of love, you will never go wrong ultimately. Because when love is the basis of your action, you will never go wrong.

So always take the winner’s path.


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