Wise Men Find Jesus

Wise Men Find Jesus

Wise men find Jesus.

Three wise men saw the star that shone the brightest and knew that someone great was born. They followed the star and they found Jesus. They found Jesus with the Blessed Virgin Mary, in a humble dwelling, not in a castle. And they worshipped Him.

They journeyed far just to see the King and offer Him gifts.

They gifted Him with gold, frankincense and myrrh, fitting gifts for the King of kings, the High Priest and the perfect sacrifice.

These wise men could have been kings themselves and yet they bowed down to an infant. Their humility surely made them wise and as such they were blessed with the best gift from above – finding Jesus.

Wise men find Jesus. Have you found Jesus?

Today, many claim to be wise. They pride themselves of their higher education gained from prestigious universities. And yet if you listen to their words, they sound very far from being wise.

Many of them are offended by the name Jesus. They see Him as just a myth.

They say the story of Jesus is not for them who know better, who are professionals with university degrees, who are successful businessmen.

They live in pursuit of worldly success and they don’t have time for some myths like Jesus.

But if they are truly wise, they will not stop at believing someone who told them that Jesus is a myth. They will dig deeper for the truth.

If they were wise, they would have noticed the star that shines the brightest. They would have followed that star. They would have found Jesus.

Wise men seek the truth and they find Jesus who is the Truth.

And they are much happier.

The fools say there is no God. And they live in misery.

Wise men know where to find Jesus.

Where do you look for Jesus in your life?

Do you expect to find Him in those elite clubs?

Do you find Him in those mega churches with loud music and sweet talking speakers?

The wise men found Jesus in a lowly dwelling in Bethlehem.

Be humble and you’ll be blessed with wisdom.

Don’t pride yourself with your achievements. Don’t feel secure with your material success.

Don’t be too confident of your talents.

However talented or successful you are, you cannot stop death from taking you if the Lord wills it.

You will always be at His mercy.

Humble yourself before God.

And you will see that star that shines the brightest.

Journey as far as that star.

And you will find Jesus.

And when you do, give Him the gifts that He deserves.

He deserves your love and worship.

Be truly wise for wise men find Jesus.

And they get the greatest of all gifts.


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