Nourish Your Soul

Nourish Your Soul

Nourish your soul first and you will be mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and even financially healthy.

Nourish your soul with the Truth which is the Word of God.

“It is written,

‘Man shall not live by bread alone,

but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”

Matthew 4:4

Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh. He is the Bread of Life.

To nourish your soul is to eat the Bread of Life. Attend mass and receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Be sure to make yourself worthy to receive Him.

Feed on the Word of God by reading the Bible. For the Bible is the written Word of God. Meditate on the Word of God daily. Keep the Word of God in your heart for guidance and protection. Consult the teachings of the Church for verses that confuse you. I recommend the lectures of St. Augustine on the Gospel of John.

Reading the many beautiful verses in the Bible is really soul nourishing. The Bible is full of verses that assure us of the great love of God for us.

Just to know that God loves you so much should be enough to keep you happy and content.

The Bible is full of verses that comfort, console, heal, guide, encourage, strengthen, and give hope and everything you need in life.

The Bible is God’s instructions on life. Wouldn’t you want to know the instructions first before you take any action? Just like taking an exam, you would read the instructions first so you would know the right thing to do and not fail the exam.

We can live our lives in full by knowing and obeying God’s instructions. We can live in peace knowing the outcome of our lives when we do the will of God.

The Word of God is eternal. The Word of God is true yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Bible, written thousands of years ago, is even more relevant today.

Praying nourishes the soul. Pray with humble spirit. Pray to the Father through His son Jesus Christ. Pray for guidance, protection or strength and not for material things that will only benefit you or feed your pride.

Being out in the nature also nourishes the soul. Witnessing the beautiful creation of God just brings joy and makes you feel closer to God.

Reading beautiful encouraging quotes, poems and stories also help nourish your soul. Read, listen to or watch anything that would fill your mind with beautiful thoughts and help make you closer to God.

A nourished soul translates to a life of true happiness and success.

The more nourished your soul is, the more peaceful your mind will be. When your mind is peaceful, you will be truly happy. And when you are truly happy, your relationships will turn great. Your physical health will improve. You will have more clarity in what you need to do in life and you will be more capable of achieving success.

More often, lack of soul nourishment is the underlying reason why some rich, famous and/or materially successful people are still miserable despite everything they have in life. Having weak life foundations, they easily get depressed, even at the slightest trouble. They often make wrong decisions in life.

Having a nourished soul is like having a strong foundation. You will not be easily fazed by any storms in life.

If you desire true success in life, nourish your soul first and everything else will be taken care of.

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