The Path To A Happier Catholic Life

THe Path To A Happier Catholic Life

The Path To A Happier Catholic Life


A Catholic who knows his faith is happy.

If you’re not so happy right now as a Catholic, it’s most likely because you don’t really know your Catholic faith well.

The more you know your Catholic faith, the happier you will be.

In times of troubles and adversities, if your faith isn’t that deep, you may easily get discouraged. Doubts may creep in and at worst, you may altogether lose your faith.

I pray that the worst will not happen to you and so I’d like to share with you how you can be happier by learning more of the Catholic Faith.

I learned that we should not avoid people or situations that we feel will only make our lives more difficult, especially if they were put right there in front of us.

Be always willing to embrace suffering for the glory of God! Sometimes, just your sincere willingness to suffer for the Lord is enough to reverse the tide. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son for God. Then when he was about to slay his son, God stopped him. And God blessed him.

A cradle Catholic, I used to know only the basics of the Catholic Faith and I must say that my life was good – but not that good. I had so many complaints! I kept those complaints to myself most of the time, though. Now, I realized that I complained a lot because I didn’t really know the truth about life.

The truth about life is found in the Catholic Faith. But many of us will not easily learn of it by just regularly attending Mass or Bible studies.

We learn the truth when we respond to God’s graces and say yes.

God’s graces may come in disguise. They are hidden behind failures, sufferings and pain. They may come in those instances when you succeed in reaching your goals and realize you still feel lacking. Or when you believe you’ve done everything you needed to and yet you keep failing.

They came to me when I felt that I’ve had enough of the inconsistencies happening around me and yearned so much to get to the truth of everything.

The truth will set you free. Imagine you woke up one morning and you realized you don’t remember who you are. Won’t you feel like you’re in a prison? And only when you found out the truth of who you are will you feel free from that prison.

The truth is like the instruction. You get the best of something when you know how to use it properly. Just like life. You get the most out of life when you know what life is all about. Then you will be inclined to desire only that which is the best for you. You will not be easily tempted by things that you know will lead to your destruction.

My life has been a series of deciding, planning, succeeding a few times and failing most of the time. I was generally happy but I wanted to be happier. I wanted my life to be better. I wanted to stop making mistakes in my life decisions.

I wondered – am I living my life the right way? Is my Catholic faith on which my way of life hinges the right one? Does my faith really hold the truth of life?

I knew there was only one wise thing to do…

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