Serve Your Purpose

Serve Your Purpose

Serve your purpose by denying yourself and taking up your cross daily.

Are you living your life serving your purpose?

Or do you merely live for your own happiness?

Do you even know your purpose in life?

All of us have the same purpose in life and that is to serve God through serving others, especially the poor and the needy.

Each of us is given some talents to use for this very purpose. And this is the secret to a happy fulfilled life – serving God by serving others using your very own God-given talents.

You can identify your talents by being aware of what you are naturally good at or what you find easy to do. Activities that you enjoy doing can also give you clues about your talents.

Some people have known early on in their lives their God-given talents like singing, dancing, writing, painting or playing musical instruments. And they honed these talents so they can build great careers out of them. They are most likely happy in life earning their living doing what they love most.

But some of these people are not happy. You probably heard about famous people earning great income doing what they love most but are still miserable in life. Some even ended up ending their own lives.

These people feel empty despite the success – because they are not living their lives serving their purposes by denying themselves and taking up their crosses daily. They only live for themselves, for their own pleasures and not for God’s glory.

To deny yourself is to let go of your own personal dreams and wishes and instead allow God’s plan for you to transpire. In other words, obeying God. To take up your cross daily is to patiently endure any hardships in life, uniting your sufferings with Christ, proving that you love God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind, even willing to give up your life for God.

When you are serving your purpose, you will never feel empty. The act of serving your purpose fills you up. The happiness you bring to other people makes you full.

All talents used well are great in the eyes of God. So don’t feel envious or jealous of other people’s talents which you feel are greater than yours. Do the best with the talents you have and you will be richly blessed.

Do you know your talents? Are you using them in your job or business? Are you using them to serve God by helping others?

If yes, great! Keep it up!

If not yet, it’s not too late to start now.

Serve your purpose.

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